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I was born and continue living in Bombay, India. As a serious seeker on the spiritual path, I live my life today in total surrender to my God. In total surrender to Divine ShreeNathji who had accepted to be my Maha Gurushree some years back; I believe I am the luckiest soul in this world. And since then He has kept to His word, and made me a part of many Divine Leelas. In fact there have been those precious moments when I have been graced with ShreeNathji’s Divine Presence and the gunjan (echo) of Shreeji’s Divinely sweet voice, where He talks and plays various leelas. (It is like a repeat of the 84 Vaishnavs or 252 Vaishnav Ki Vaarta, in today’s time period). At times this is the voice of a very young infant; at other moments like an older child or at times an adult talking about various happening… I have learnt to live my life on the highest truth – “No matter what others say or think; if you are following the soul’s demands towards your God, move on, do not stop, only because some people do not have the right understandings”.

Nidhi Van-Vrindavan-Vraj Mandal

This gallery contains 75 photos.

The sacred, divine Nidhivan at Vraj Mandal;  This is one of the Leela bhoomi of the Divine: This is a photo gallery of this divine place.These are photos from our many visits to this pavitra bhumi. I do hope you … Continue reading

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