Nidhi Van-Vrindavan-Vraj Mandal

The pavitra, divine Nidhivan at Vraj Mandal. This is one of the many Leela bhoomi of Divine Shree RadhaKrishn:

Below is a photo gallery of this divine place. The  photos are from our many visits to this pavitra bhumi. I do hope you enjoy going through them. Till today Divine Shaktis visit this bhumi from time to time.


NidhiVan view in the winter months

NidhiVan, Shree RadhaKrishn leela sthali.

NidhiVan is the bhajan sthali of Sant Haridasji who was the Guru of Tansen. He was always immersed in dhyan of Shree RadhaKrishn.  He did bhajan and dhyan on the  Nitya Ras and Nitya Bihar of Shree RadhaKrishn at Nitya Vrindavan, which is called as NidhiVan.

At NidhiVan, Shree Shyama-Shyam gave sakshat darshans to  Sant Haridasji. On vinti  of Swami Haridasji, Shree RadhaKrishn merged in each other and Reappeared as Shree Banke Bihariji. The Vigrah of ShreeKrishn gives darshans in the Tribhang posture. Now called as Shree Banki Bihariji, which literally means bent at three places.   This Pratima was initially sthapit  (established) in NidhiVan and later moved to the present Bihariji mandir. Until AD 1862, Shree  Bihari Ji was worshipped at NidhiVan, until the Goswami family serving Him decided to build what is today called as the Bankey Bihariji mandir.

Swami Haridas originally worshipped this Vigrah as ‘Kunj-Bihariji’, which literally means ‘One who loves to stay in the Kunj of Vrindavan’.

Swami Haridas is  Lalita Sakhi in Golok Vrindavan, one of asht-sakhis of Srimati Radharani.  Sant Haridasji was Lalita sakhi in the Dwapur yug, when Shree RadhaKrishn had incarnated on this Bhumi.

Swami Haridas was born on Radha Ashtmi, i.e. eighth day of second (bright) fortnight of Bhadrapad month of the year 1535 Vikrami(1478 AD). He was born in a small village, now known as Haridaspur, near Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh.

Shringar ghar of Shrimati Radharani, The Rang Mahal mandir


Abha Shahra

Pathway across the van. One has to be super careful of the monkeys. I have lost a few possessions to them in some of my visits here

Banke Bihari Pragatya Sthali; the divine Vigrah of Shree Bankey Bihariji Appeared from this place. The Vigrah of Shree Banke-Bihari Appeared in Nidhi Van for Swami Haridas, who belonged to the Nimbark sampraday.

23a IMG_8494

All foliage is pujniy


Abha Shahra

Bhakts worship the pavitr vraksh as its believed they are all Gopis


The Bansi Chor Radharani mandir, which shows Her playing Shree Krishn’s flute; Her two close sakhis, Lalita and Vishaka stand here with Her.

Vishakha sakhi kund, which was created by ShreeKrishn with his flute to relieve the thirst of Vishakha-Sakhi and other gopis. It was near this Kund that Swami Haridas found Shree Banke Bihariji Vigrah.

Abha Shahra

Vishaka sakhi kund at NidhiVan

Swami Haridas did bhajan here; during 15th century when Swami Haridas, who is believed to be an ansh of Lalita sakhi came to Vrindavan, he made Nidhivan as his bhajan sthali and lived there.

Swami haridasji Samadhi mandir, at NidhiVan

Nidhivan is the sthal where bhakts come with  the belief that Shree RadhaKrishn still Appear there in the night.

In the monsoons months, it becomes very green and fresh here. It sort of changes the look from the dry which you saw in the earlier pictures to a bright green.

Abha Shahra

Pavitra Tamaal Vraksh at NidhiVan

The plants and trees which you see in the garden are the Gopis who are always in seva of Shree RadhaKrishn. In daytime they are in the form of trees but at  night they become the Gopis and do seva for Shree RadhaKrishn.

Abha Shahra


Nidhivan is the sthal where bhakts come with  the belief that Shree RadhaKrishn still Appear there in the night.

You just have to concentrate on any of  photos and FEEL it inside. It is miraculous; The sacredness of this bhoomi can be felt if one enters with pure bhao and shraddha;

Abha Shahra

Wonderful vibrations are to be felt, if the mind can be quietened.

The sacred ‘Ruj’-Sand of the holy Dham is seen here, unlike many places which have lost it to the progress and greed of some humans.

30 IMG_0386The Divine raas Sthali

28 IMG_8584

The ruj here is purer than other places in Vraj Dham. The lata-pata is considered to be sacred too.

Jai Shreeji! Jai Shree RadhaKrishn!

NidhiVan-Divine Urjas and vibrations all merged in nature. Very very mysterious. Priya Pritam Leela Sthali

IAbha Shahra

The sacredness of this bhumi can be felt if one enters with pure bhao and shraddha

Abha Shahra

Sitting here with pure bhao opens us to some pavitra vibrations


Monkeys are in abundance here, in fact you are advised by the guides to keep a tight hold on belongings. I have actually had some belongings stolen by these mischievous monkeys. They once grabbed my dupatta when I refused to let go of my camera. Within minutes it had been shredded to bits and scattered all over NidhiVan, right before my eyes!  These monkeys leave the place once it gets dark; nothing living stays inside the parisar.


निधिवन स्वामी हरिदास जी की भजन स्थली है।

स्वामी हरिदासजी का जन्म  विक्रम सम्वत् 1535 में भाद्रपद मास के शुक्ल पक्ष की अष्टमी (श्रीराधाष्टमी) को ब्रह्म मुहूर्त में हुआ था।  पच्चीस वर्ष की अवस्था में हरिदास वृन्दावन पहुंचे। वहां उन्होंने  निधिवन को अपनी तपोस्थली बनाया। प्राचीन वृंदावन के वन में आकर वे श्री ‘श्यामा-कुंज बिहारी’  की नित्य लीला का ध्यान करते हुए भजन में खोए रहते थे। श्री कुंज बिहारीजी के साक्षात्कार में डूबे हुए संत हरिदासजी उनके साक्षात दर्शन पर भजन गाया करते रहते थे। श्री बाँके बिहारीजी का विग्रह स्वामी हरिदास जी के अनुनय से यहाँ प्रगट हुआ था। आज जो बाँके बिहारीजी का मंदिर है, वह पवित्र विग्रह यहाँ से प्रगट हुआ था। स्वामीजी ने प्रिया-प्रियतम की युगल छवि श्री बांकेबिहारीजी महाराज के रूप में प्रतिष्ठित की।

स्वामी हरिदासजी निधिवन मे ही वह लीला प्रवेश कर गये।उनकी बैठक ही निधिवन  मे उनकी समाधि कहलाती है। निधिवन का स्वरूप प्राचीन है, बाकी जो मंदिर बने है, वे सभी नए हैं।


Shyama-Shyam ki Jai Ho!

Abha Shahra

NidhiVan, The Bhajan Sthali of Swami Haridas

Abha Shahra

Pavitra NidhiVan, Bhajan Sthali of Swami Haridasji, Pragtay Sthal of Shree Banke Bihariji

Jai Ho Shree Kunj Bihiriji

Entrance of NidhiVan